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Formex started in 1960 and is held twice a year, in the beginning of January and in the end of August. We have about 850 exhibitors per fair with products within interior design, fashion and accessories etc. The fair brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior design and gifts industry. Each fair we have about 20,000 visitors and about 650 media representatives. Besides the opportunity to do business, the fair gives visitors information about trends, inspiration and knowledge in the form of exhibitions and lectures.




In late tepid August, when Stockholmers have returned from their holidays and tourists are swarming in the city,Summer Design Week will be held while Formex is going on at Stockholmsmässan and will be a week with interesting events and exhibitions all over the city promoting Nordic Design. This is the perfect opportunity to create a meeting point with national and international buyers but also with the public. 


Formex Nova 2018获胜者

Formex Nova 2018颁奖典礼于8月21日在Operaterassen举行,该奖项授予了冰岛设计师Ragna Ragnarsdóttir。她的设计幽默、个人和任性,作品有一种神秘感,让人想起冰岛的传奇,同时带有中国美学的痕迹。

Ragna Ragnarsdóttir说:“作品在世界上得到承认是一种很棒的感觉。对年轻设计师来说,这是一种巨大的认可,会让你忘记所有的辛劳,满怀激情继续创造。”该奖项由斯德哥尔摩市长Karin Wanngård颁发。

The award ceremony for Formex Nova 2018 was held at Operaterassen August 21st. The award went to the Icelandic designer Ragna Ragnarsdóttir. Ragna Ragnarsdóttir’s design is humoristic, personal and headstrong. Her objects have a mystic feeling about them that makes one think of Icelandic sagas and to the unique nature of the country. At the same time they carry traces of Chinese aesthetics.

“I’m extremely honoured and grateful. The nomination was such a surprise, as a designer it’s so easy to get isolated in your studio. It’s a great feeling to get to know that your work is being acknowledged out there in the world. Recognition for a young designer is a huge energy shot, it makes you forget all the hard work and gets you all excited to continue creating,” says Ragna Ragnarsdóttir. The award was handed out by the Mayor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngård.




This year, 23 designers were selected to participate in Design Talents, which is part of interior design fair Formex’s mentorship program.



Aska是由Carolina Krupinska和Linus Kjellqvist创立的新设计工作室。在Formex,他们将展出一系列可以水平和垂直悬挂的壁架。该系列源于对私人住宅中不常使用的工业材料的兴趣,展示穿孔金属板如何变形和交织成感性、柔软、美丽的物品。这些壁架是轻量级的,由于内容提升了设计,因此它们不仅仅增加了功能。而且,它们帮助设定一种情绪。

Aska is a new design studio founded by Carolina Krupinska and Linus Kjellqvist. At Formex, they will exhibit a series of wall shelving that can be hung both horizontally and vertically.The series originated from an interest in industrial materials that are not frequently used in private homes today. The result shows how perforated sheet metal can be transformed and interwoven into something sensual, soft and beautiful. The shelves are perceived as lightweight, and they add more than just functionality since the content lifts the design. They help set a mood.

Joanna Günther

陶瓷艺术家Joanna Günther在斯德哥尔摩郊外的Gustavsberg旧瓷器工厂设有工作室。她将自己的工作流程描述为对材料的探索和持续对话。她为粘土添加了色素沉淀和熔岩片,处理表面时带出粗糙感,使用装饰技术实现工作,并十分喜爱粉红色釉料。Joanna Günter的工作意图是以冲动和实验的方式处理材料,创造工匠精神。